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For over four decades, Lancer has been the leader in providing effective solutions for washing applications in the scientific community. We support you, our customers, by acting as a trusted partner and advisor, focusing on your cleaning application and requirements for washing laboratory glassware and equipment. We specialize in cleaning technology so that you can achieve maximum productivity in your lab.


Lancer provides a comprehensive range of glassware washers with a wide variety of racks and accessories, as well as cleaning chemicals made specifically for use in high pressure washing systems. Lancer has the total cleaning solution for every washing need. We are there to guide you through each phase of the process from the initial consultation, to installation, to after sales support. You can count on Lancer every step of the way.

Lancer Glassware Washers

"Glassware Washing Made Easy"

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Undercounter Washers: 810 LX | 815 LX | 820 LX

Medium Capacity Washers: 910 LX | 1300 LX

Large Capacity Washers: 1400 LXP | 1600 LXP |1800 LXA

Industrial Washers: TI

Detergents: Detergents