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Lancer Delivers Innovations
Lancer is a global leader in laboratory washing and sterilization products for life science and industrial laboratory applications. Lancer offers consultative planning, feasibility, cost-analysis and applications assistance through a factory-supported network of authorized sales representatives nationwide.

 Glassware Washers
Labware washers are available in undercounter ,medium, and high capacity freestanding designs. These high pressure washers are engineered for robust applications using cleaning chemicals, acid rinses and specialty cycles for conventional cleaning and hard-to-remove deposits. The unique Lancer “active spindle” loading rack permits concurrent inside-out cleaning, rinse and dry functions to optimize performance and accelerate cycle turnaround time. A complete range of racks, baskets and associated accessories adapts each installation to the local application.           
Steam Sterilizers
Lancer offers a complete line of steam sterilizers developed for high performance sterilization of labware, process materials and byproducts used in laboratory, research and animal care facilities. Sterilizers are available in eight popular cabinet sizes for new facilities or replacement installation. Unique space-saving vanishing vertical doors eliminate the need for door swing or elevation clearance above the compact 70” high cabinet. Choose from four interior volumes.