Cleaning requirements for industrial applications, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and petro-chemicals, are varied and rigorous. Contamination control systems are required at a higher level, since these industries produce chemicals and compounds that are difficult to clean and require more rugged equipment to withstand aggressive products.

With this in mind, Lancer’s TI Series of washers are designed with superior construction materials to be the "heavy duty" washer for more demanding applications. The TI line of washers is constructed with sanitary materials such as 316 L stainless steel and PTFE. Most rack systems are custom built to accommodate specific parts or wash loads. The TI Industrial washer series has comprehensive validation and traceability options. Single and double door models are available depending on the need for pass through applications when a “clean” area is required. Additionally, high efficiency HEPA filtered drying systems are available to maximize a facilities productivity. Key features for the TI series include:.

Key Lancer features include:

  • 4 chamber sizes
  • Single or double door
  • Stainless steel (304 L / 316 L) chamber, valves, hydraulic circuit
  • HEPA filtered drying
  • Validation monitor
  • Conductivity options
Click the "Washers for production equipment" menu link  for product information on the TI Washer series.

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