Available exclusively from Lancer, our line of cleaning chemicals are made specifically for use in all high pressure washers. Lancer cleaning chemicals are premixed for direct use from the bottle to your washer and dosing is automatic by peristaltic pump. LancerClean and LancerAcid are manufactured with dedicated production lines and a double filtration system to ensure the integrity of the chemical solutions is maintained.

LancerClean Detergent is available in three solutions (LCD-P , LCD-S , LCD-H) that are capable of cleaning all different types of contaminants including laboratory soils, “baked on” organic residues, petroleum applications and other hard to clean soils. LancerClean is specifically formulated to clean all types of items including glassware, surgical instruments and many other labware items.

LancerAcid Rinse is available in three formulas (LCA-A , LCA-C , LCA-P) to suit your specific cleaning requirements. Used as a rinsing agent following LancerClean detergent in the wash cycle, LancerAcid provides excellent rinsing on all standard laboratory soils, organics, pharmaceutical based contaminants, petroleum and other difficult soils.

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