810 LX

  Efficient direct injection cleaning
   Ideal for minimum space or budget
  Flexibility with two independent wash levels and interchangeable racks
  Dosing by two peristaltic pumps
  High grade stainless steel clad on all sides for stand alone applications

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The Ultimate Space Saving Washer

In today’s laboratory, space and money are often in short supply. With this in mind, Lancer has engineered the 810 LX undercounter glassware washer to be a perfect fit for any lab and any budget. While fitting neatly in standard 24”/60cm laboratory casework, the entry level underbench 810 LX lab washer offers professional features and the same high performance cleaning principles of all Lancer washers. Rack systems are common across the 810-1300 LX and 1800 LXA models enabling economical upgrade when expanding the capacity of your lab.

    All Lancer washers feature these key benefits:

    • Fast cycles and outstanding results from powerful wash action and design
    • Easy to use microprocessor controls with self-diagnostic software and alarms
    • Flexibility of multi-level injection washing and interchangeable racks
    • All sizes and types of glassware cleaned with chamber configuration choices
    • Ergonomic and safe loading of racks on load bearing telescopic runners
    • Choice of preset and user-customized (PIN code protected) programs
    • Accurate and repeated intake of cleaning chemicals by automatic peristaltic dosing pumps
    • Robust high grade 304 L and 316L stainless steel construction (varies by model)
    • IQ/OQ protocol and validation options available
    • Cost effective – low life cycle costs and efficient operation uses less resources and inventory
    • Eco-friendly low energy, chemicals and water usage

    Direct injection cleaning

    The 810 LX provides injection washing on one or two levels simultaneously, delivering the wash/rinse solutions into narrow-necked glassware to provide for efficient and effective cleaning. Low profile, rear manifold connections provide wash/rinse solution to the racks, maximizing usable rack surface, which is often reduced by common center manifold designs. 100% of the chamber volume is then available for an unbeaten washing capacity in this size/range of glassware washers.

    Ease of Use

    The 810 LX features microprocessor controls with 4 pre-set programs for chemistry glassware, bacteriology/virology (high temperature), stubborn stains (agar) and volumetric glassware (lower-temp). For other applications the 810 LX offers 16 additional programs that can be modified to fit any application. These custom programs offer the user the ability to easily adjust cycle parameters for program phases, temperatures, phase times and chemical dosing. The system control panel is user friendly with a 7 button keypad and 2 ½ inch LCD interface. Self-diagnostic software provides visual and audible alarms to quickly alert the user in the event of a malfunction, displaying the error and allowing the owner to avoid costly service calls.

    Unbeaten cleaning and drying results

    Lancer’s superior hydraulic design maximizes flow and pressure with a single, direct fluid path and no intermediate accessories. Additionally, racks are held in place by the door to ensure positive connection without the loss of pressure and flow that is common with other designs. Top and bottom spray arms provide thorough coverage for the interior and exterior of glassware. Water rinses are programmable for hot, cold and hot/cold DI water. These features allow for maximum use of the space within the chamber and ensure cleanliness. This design enhances full interchangeability of the racks between levels, providing further flexibility and reducing the number or racks needed.


    Superior construction

    The Lancer 810 LX washer is built to the highest standards. With AISI 304 L stainless steel and electronically welded chamber (under Argon protection), the unit is fully enclosed on all 6 sides to protect components and wiring. Maximum durability of the washer components ensures a long life span. Additionally, the 810 LX is insulated with synthetic rubber based, closed cell foam to guard against heat lost and reduce noise levels creating lower utility costs and a better user experience in the lab.

    Inventory systems

    Having the right rack or accessory to fit your cleaning application is key to ensuring cleanliness and increasing productivity. With this in mind, Lancer provides versatile rack systems to accommodate all types of glassware and laboratory items. These rack systems include a wide range of accessories with various configurations of sizes and quantities of jets or baskets to handle all types of glass and lab ware from bottles to pipettes. Racks can be interchanged between levels to achieve further flexibility.




    810LX Data Sheet



    11600 Specifications

    Lancer Washer Model 810 LX 815 LX 820 LX
    Washer Height: 845 mm / 33.25 in 845 mm / 33.25 in 845 mm / 33.27 in
    Washer Width: 600 mm / 23.62 in 600 mm / 23.62 in 900 mm / 35.43 in
    Washer Depth: 737 mm / 29 in 737 mm / 29 in 737 mm / 29 in
    Chamber Height: 508 mm / 20 in 508 mm / 20 in 508 mm / 20 in
    Chamber Width: 535 mm / 21 in 535 mm / 21 in 535 mm / 21 in
    Chamber Depth: 510 mm / 20 in 510 mm / 20 in 510 mm / 20 in  
    Drying: N/A Hot, forced air drying system HEPA filtered chamber and direct injection drying
    Total electrical power: 7 kw 7 kw 7 kw
    Net weight: 85 kg / 188 lbs 85 kg / 188 lbs 115 kg / 254 lbs
    Loading Height: 250 mm / 10 in 250 mm / 10 in 250 mm / 10 in
    Water Consumption: 12 L / 3.1 gal - per fill 12 L / 3.1 gal - per fill 12 L / 3.1 gal - per fill
    Heat Loss: 2,380 Btu/600 Kcal/h 2,380 Btu/600 Kcal/h 3,054 Btu/770 Kcal/h
    Sound Level: <63 dBa <63 dBa <65 dBa
    Steam Condenser: Standard Standard Standard

    Jet Racks

    A wide variety of inventory systems including jet racks are available in many configurations. These jet racks are capable of cleaning a wide variety of glassware and labware items. There are 15 different configurations of jets including long jets, short jets and a combination of long and short jets. The numbers of jets available range from 20 to 100.


    Baskets are used to clean beakers and other large neck items. Lancer has available a Basic Basket Tray as well as a Basket Tray that includes a spray arm. Tall and Short Baskets with Lids are available for cleaning test tubes and small items. Adjustable lids and partitions ensure items are held in place during the cleaning process.

    Undercounter Starter Kit

    Lancer offers a versatile accessory for undercounter washers (810 LX, 815 LX, 820 LX) with 27 jets on one half of the rack and a Basic Basket on the other half, enabling washing of a wide variety of glassware in the same wash batch.

    Pipette Rack

    Several varieties of pipette racks are available for the undercounter washer including a canister style rack, a grommet style rack and a combination rack that includes Jets as well as a grommet style pipette section on the same rack. These racks produce excellent cleaning results while maximizing chamber space.


    Specialty Accessories

    Also available are specialty accessories for more specialized items.

    • 4 EP/25 IXLC: Multipurpose rack for volumetric flasks and narrow necked glassware
    • LTC/STC: Small mesh wire baskets for cleaning smaller items and lids. Fits on top of a PST Basket
    For further information on racks, baskets and specialty accessories for the 810 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer please visit the accessories page.

    Optional features:

    • Most common electrical utilities:
      • 208 V-3 Ph, 60 Hz (US)
      • 208 V-1 Ph, 60 Hz (US)
      • 230 V-3 Ph, 50/60 Hz (FR)
      • 230 V-1 Ph, 50 Hz (FR, UK)
      • 400 V-3 Ph+ N, 50 Hz (FR, UK)
    • Drain discharge cool down: - Cooling of drain waste from the wash and rinse cycles to < 60°C.
    • Plinth: The optional plinth raises the loading level of the 810 LX Glassware Washer by 20 inches (500 mm) and allows for storage of two cleaning chemical containers or rack accessories under the chamber
    • RS 232 Port: For transferring data information from washer
    • IQ OQ: Installation Qualification and Operations Qualification Validation