LANCER Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance Program

Lancer's Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to provide you with continued support after your initial warranty period, ensuring your washer meets factory specifications and maintains equipment compliance with accrediting and regulatory agencies. The program provides price protection for parts, labor and travel costs as well as reducing the time and costs associated with unplanned repair visits.

Routine maintenance of your washer will maximize the equipment life span as well as optimize your water and cleaning chemical usage. Lancer takes a proactive approach when evaluating washer operation in order to assure performance. Our trained and experienced service professionals will ensure that your washer is operating according to factory specifications while at the same time identifying repairs that may be needed to prevent costly downtime.


  • Protection for your capital investment
  • Minimized administrative time
  • Budget management with fixed pricing
  • Proper completion of maintenance and repair tasks
  • Equipment maintained according to factory specifications
  • Optimized water and cleaning chemical usage
  • Extended equipment life

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