LANCER Validation and Consulting

Lancer provides Validation Services on its entire range of machines to meet the increasing demands of regulatory agencies and our customer's internal company standards. A complete line of Validation Services has been tailored to meet these requirements. We will provide the best solution to meet your specific Validation needs.

Lancer offers standard Validation Options:

1) Lancer Installation Qualification and Operations Qualification Document. Package includes documentation verification, review of accessories/options, review of equipment installation, verification of utility supplies, review of access levels, review of configuration settings, I/O testing, functional testing, alarm testing, and complete cycle test. Telephone Technical Support and IQ/OQ Test Kit is also included for those customers performing the execution of the document.

2) Execution of Lancer Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification Validation Document. Execution at Customer Site by a Lancer Technician. Requires purchase of IQOQ VAL DOCS, (sold separately). Includes 2 days on site and all travel related expenses.

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